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Housing Design Awards

Back in 1947 it was decided that there should be formal recognition of high quality public housing design and layout. Initially there were regional categories for rural, urban, new and reconstructed buildings, with architects and contractors being recognised for their commitment to promoting high quality living. This recognition was formally awarded each year until 1955. […]

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Off Site Construction

The principles of off-site construction have been widely used in buildings in other parts of Europe; however it has taken time for the concept to be adopted in the UK. The idea is that many components of a building can be manufactured and assembled in a factory and brought to site in a part made […]

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Building Information Modelling

By 2016, all Government construction projects will have to conform to Building Information Modelling (BIM) principles at every stage of the process. It is likely that other clients will also be looking for construction companies working with BIM to deliver their projects, so adoption of this new way of working is becoming increasingly important for […]

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A Skilled Workforce

Companies that offer good training programmes for their staff have seen the benefit of this investment. There is typically higher levels of job satisfaction, staff retention and productivity, along with lower levels of workplace incidents, accidents and staff sickness. By upskilling and developing a workforce, the employees feel appreciated and the employer gets greater value […]

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Construction Industry Forecasts

December 2014 was a weak month for the UK construction industry, but things picked up again for the start of 2015. January saw an increase in both output and new business growth and according to the CIPS/Markit Construction PMI the vast majority of British construction firms were forecasting an increase in business activity through 2015. […]

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Construction Site Safety

Any workplace has an element of risk, so every employer is legally responsible for identifying and managing any potential hazards within the work environment. Having said this all employees are responsible for their own safety and that of their colleagues. Everyone should be encouraged to report and record incidents, accidents and near misses in order […]

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